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Photographer Interview w/ Larry Stone
This week brings about a very special post! We're joined by photographer Larry Stone out of Arizona. With a portfolio brimming with creativity and showcasing mastery over his art, Larry Stone is easily one of my favorite photographers and an amazing source of inspiration. I'm thrilled to have him on the blog as a Featured Artist.

Modeled by: Lulu Kaiali


Q: Can you explain your "Betrayal" series to the readers?

A: "Betrayal" is my latest photo series that consists of nine pieces. With the "Betrayal" series I wanted to really focus more on the emotional stages of one who is betrayed rather than focus on the act itself. I just felt that there are so many places one can go to see the act of betrayal take place but when it comes to the aftermath it's cut short. That's why there is only one shot of the act of betrayal it self and eight of the emotional stages that follow. The story I'm telling is of a woman who was taken to the desert and shot by the one she loves. Left for dead she experiences the 8 emotional stages that come along with being betrayed.

Q: Can you explain how you came up with the character and scene for this project?

A: The character was actually inspired by the song "Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra and the scene was inspired by old mobster movies.

Q: How long did the overall planning and execution take?

A: The planning took about two weeks and the shoot took a little over two hours.

You can see the full "Betrayal" series by following this link: Betrayal

The Monster N’ Me
Modeled by: Tara Hutchison

"Monster N' Me"

Q: Can you explain your "Monster n’ Me" series to the readers?

A: "The Monster N' Me" is based off of a poem I wrote which really stims from my unhealthy addiction to the "Twilight Zone" style of story telling. It is about a girl who falls asleep in her favorite place in the world (which is in the woods) She stops to take in the surroundings and falls asleep while basking in the sun. She then wakes to find the lush green woods that she adores are now dead and she is no longer alone.

Q: What inspired you to come up with this idea?

A: I was inspired to create this series after reading an article about the housing crises and looking at AP pictures of communities that have been pretty much abandoned. It saddened me to see these images because those communities were once someone's dream come true and there favorite place in the world. Now the communities are a cluttered mess of unfinished homes and overgrown grass.

Q: What was the inspiration behind the monster?

A: The inspiration behind the monster is the trees. I think the best monster looks more human than creature so I decided not to alter the human look too much.

You can see the full "The Monster N' Me" series by following this link: The Monster N' Me

The Two Fields
Modeled by: Tara Hutchison

"The Two Fields"

Q: Can you explain your "The Two Fields" series to the readers?

A: This project is kind of funny because it came out of nowhere. I was searching for locations for a fashion shoot I had and I found this field that was trashed and destroyed right next to a lush green corn field. I was struck by this and I thought what would this broken field say if it had a voice? So that's what I did, I gave the field a voice :-)  So I guess overall the story is of a field who is envious to the point of depression by the beauty of her neighbor.

Q: Can you explain how you came up with the character and scene for this project?

A: The character is based off of the broken field. The models hair is meant to represent the jagged and un uniformed branches that stand opposite to the straight and tall corn. 

Q: What was the overall message in "The Two Fields"?

A: The moral to the story is that we are all made special and beautiful by our imperfections. I make this point in the story by saying: "If only she knew that all corn fields look exactly alike and it’s her jagged edges and dead trees that make her unique. Then she would realize that maybe the corn field is wishing it could be just like her."

You can see the full "The Two Fields" series by following this link -  The Two Fields

The Fallen
Modeled by: Lulu Kaiali and Michael Cortez

"The Fallen"

Q: Can you explain your "The Fallen" series to the readers?

A: "The Fallen" like "The Monster N' Me" is based on a poem I wrote. It is a moral story of a man who isn't happy with his life so he follows a voice into a the woods where he sells his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. Only to discover that he has been deceived and learns that he always had it all.

Q: Explain the representation of the devil in your photos?

A: The devil is known as the great deceiver so I wanted to portray the devil in such a way where even the viewers of the photos could be deceived. So I used a female to fill the role and we made her larger than life. I felt by using a female model rather then a male would give the devil a soft beauty that one wouldn't normally expect in something that represents the monster of all monsters.

Q: What was the overall message in "The Fallen"?

A: I would say the overall message of the story is to make the best of what you have and wishing to be someone else is just a tool to insure that you will never achieve greatness in this life.

You can see the full "The Fallen" series by following this link - The Fallen

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I hope you've enjoyed this very special post from an incredible photographer. I want to send out a special thank you to Larry Stone for his help and feature on the blog. I wish him the best with his photography and all his work - 

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