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Winter Solstice is a debut body work from hip-hop artist Keem Settles, but you'll come to know him as Keem de la Soul. Keem calls Winter Solstice an EP, though it runs much longer than any typical EP. In reality Winter Solstice is a mixtape, but it's so damn good we don't care if it's called EP, LP, or mixtape. No matter what you call it one thing is clear: You need to hear Winter Solstice.

The EP opens with an introduction. Here Keem talks directly to his audience and addresses the purpose of the EP and the track serves as an excellent opening for what's to follow. The EP can be considered a concept album. The theme of the album points back to the artist searching for recognition, purpose, and success. Track by track listeners are invited into Keem's world; one that is, at times, full of pain, struggle, and doubt. However the album remains positive and listeners are always left with a great sense of hope; this is mostly due to Keem's excellence as an MC. Keem may be seen as a newcomer to the world of hip-hop but his flows and style are up to par with (if not better than) the top artists. Metaphors are a common motif in Winter Solstice; mostly involving dream-states.

"The Chase," "Wake Up," "Perception of Life," and "Growing Pains" are the EP's strongest tracks. Each one is a pivotal part of the story Keem is trying to tell. The album hits its deepest and most compelling marks on "Growing Pains." This track is all about the loss of loved ones that Keem has suffered through. You can feel the artist's pain as each verse pounds away with a heart-aching beat.

Production wise the album is just as strong and the album's only true weakness come from a guest feature
on the song "French Inhale." A small gripe on an otherwise perfect release. After spending almost a week delving into the album it's hard to walk away unimpressed. Each track builds upon the last and always leaves you wanting more. Winter Solstice is as solid a body of work as they come and has us extremely eager for more. 2013 might just be the year of Keem de la Soul. Don't miss this album.

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