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I'm a closet fan of really nice watches. I'd probably flaunt my fandom if I could actually afford some of the watches I drool over but since I can't I just quietly admire them. During one of my admiration sessions I came across this project that one of my favorite watchmaking brands, Cartier, is hosting and I immediately knew I had to share it here.

In many ways watches are works of art. It takes a lot craftsmanship and a careful hand to create a luxury watch - not to mention a lot of time (see what I did there?). There's an incredible level of detail in every step of watch making; the intricacies can be mind-blowing. Don't believe me, take a look at the video below.

Think its art yet? Cartier seems to think so; and I'm inclined to agree. As well as crafting their own works of art Cartier supports other artists from various medias. In 2008 Cartier proposed a question to artists: "How far would you go for love?" Multiple artists have been invited to answer this question and all have created great pieces of work. The most recent attempt at answering this question comes in the form of a music video. The video is both beautiful and intriguing; combining amazing visuals with an inspiring music track. Check out the video "Painted Love" below.

Cartier crafts some of the most beautiful watches in the world, equally impressive are other areas they delve into - like the project above. Call it art, call it what you want, either way it's beautiful.

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