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Traveling at the speed of Light

No this title is not in reference to a song by Queen, but instead refers to a camera that can actually record the speed of light.

Light speed makes this look like snail speed...

The above photo demonstrates what consumer level high-speed cameras can capture. Capturing a bullet decimating an apple is pretty impressive but the brilliant minds at MIT seem to think a little better can be done. So they decided they would create a camera system that records at an astonishing 12 Trillion frames-per-second.  That mind boggling speed is also known by another name.... Light Speed. I would try an explain how exactly this camera works but then again my degree from MIT is in Tasty Foodology (totally legit) and not in Particle Physics or whatever studies cover recording photons on film. So instead I'll let the experts explain.

'Photon Photography' coming soon to a DSLR near you! 

While I'm not entirely sure what this advancement will eventually bring to consumers I'm still really excited. Honestly I hope its just more of this:

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