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Open Letter

Y'all gone learn today...

Those are the words that bounce around the hook of Mr. Carter's latest song. Rest assured "Open Letter" is not meant for radio time or meant to sell million on iTunes - so if you're not digging the Kevin Hart inspired hook then know this song wasn't made with you in mind. Instead the track is a classic hip-hop jam aimed at Jay-Z's critics. Recently Jay-Z and wife Beyonce caught a lot of fire for traveling to Cuba for their 5th anniversary. Many wondered what the couple was doing in a country the US has a strict embargo on.

With Open Letter Jay-Z addresses the questions fans and critic had alike. It looks like Jay has the White House on his side too. Along with the song an official letter from the Department of Treasury has been released stating the official reason of the Carter's trip.
"Ya'll almost want to start a revolution. You know whenever I'm threatened, I start shooting.Catch a body, head to Houston. I'm in Cuba, I love Cubans" - Jay-Z, "Open Letter"
In case you're wondering the song is excellent - as expected from the veteran MC. Controversy aside Jay brings two thrilling verses; weaving political jargon into his clever wordplay. The beat is hot too; a slow-hitting banger that Jay suggests you let "knock."

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