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Art is about understanding. As artists we use art to try and understand the things we do not. Most importantly, though, we use art to to help others understand who we are. In creating art we leave a little of ourselves behind. Sometimes it's just an idea of ours, or a thought. Sometimes it's a secret we've never shared or a dream we've had. Whichever it is, an artist always leaves a trail of secrets in his work; a trail that, if traced back to its roots, leads straight to the artist's soul. - James Elliott, DECODE 
This summer the ground-breaking series is reborn as a beautiful hardcover coffee-table book. Featuring 20 photographs from photographer James Elliott; 10 from the original series plus 10 all new, never-before-released photographs. Each image is decoded in the artist's own words; adding new depth and dimension to already compelling pieces. Unlock the secrets this summer.

(Stay tuned to discover how you can become a part of DECODE)

Video best viewed in HD.

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