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I (Love Myself)

Nearly two years after dropping his debut album Kendrick Lamar returns with a new hit single, "I". The track is a definite departure from previous offerings; it comes across pretty light, cheery even. In fact the song even samples “That Lady” by The Isley Brothers - how dark can you make that?

"I" is the first and only offering to be released thus far off his upcoming album. With his new album Kendrick promises a darker more moodier feel than Good Kid, mAAd City but this single - er, "statements" as Kendrick would have you call them - feels the opposite. But that's not saying it's not good. The up-tempo track delves into Kendrick’s personal perspective on the world. After premiering the track, Kendrick explained the song is about self expression, inspired by the lack of self love on the streets of Compton. Overall the MC pleasantly surprised us with this offering and we eagerly await more from the artist as the album's release draws closer. 

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