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Ides of March

This is election is starting to seriously heat-up. Hilary and Bernie trade blows daily as the Democratic party eagerly looks on to see who will carry their party to the polls come November. Somehow people seem to be taking Donald Trump seriously, but we won't get into that, less we work up an unstoppable violent rage within ourselves.

But in perhaps the biggest political news of the day, James Elliott has dropped an intense teaser trailer for the photography series we'll soon be hosting here on the site: Loco Politico. The trailer features one of the greatest political speeches in history from a man typically known for his silence, actor Charlie Chaplin. Combining the empowering speech with re-cut visuals from Time Magazine's cinematographer, Christopher Morris, the teaser pulls at the collective emotions of a nation that is decidedly un-sure about its future. Check out the video below and then prepare yourselves for when Loco Politico drops later this Spring.

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