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If you're a regular here then I assume you've noticed some changes to the site. The main change being the site design, but there are actually some hidden or less noticeable features for you to take advantage of. This post will detail all the new features and how you can make the most out of Through the lens.

New Features

1. Featured Content Navigator - The most notable change to the site is its new design. Part of the new design introduces the featured content navigator. This nifty little banner high-lights key content regarding TTL; this may be  new or noteworthy posts as well as links to 3rd party content and sites (Ex. Through the Lens+). Use the new navigation to quickly find new content and further connect with TTL.

2. Social Connection Icons - While they're not quite hidden you may also have overlooked the new social connections icons located in the top right corner of the site (see image below). These icons will quickly link you to TTL's social networking profiles. You can also use the Email icon to quickly send emails to us, and quickly subscribe to our RSS feed using the RSS icon.

3. Through the Lens+ Stream - Still not on the Google+ bandwagon? Luckily for you you can still see what we're up to by checking out the Stream located on the right side of the page. 

4. Archives and Trending Posts - Ever wonder what fellow readers are checking out? Well now the mystery is solved! Right below the TTL+ Stream is the Trending Topics section; here the most popular posts of the week are displayed. Just below this you can view the archives, which give you access to every post ever.

5. Photo Light-box - The most requested feature for Through the Lens has without a doubt been a better photo viewing system. With the new redesign we've introduced a light-box for a quick, yet, beautiful photo display system. To access the light-box simply click a photo and it will launch full-screen. Try out the light-box on some of the past posts to view photographs in a whole new way.

How light-box looks

So there are all the new things you may or may not have known about. There are still many new features in the works, such as a video gallery, featured photo section, and some more secret stuff you're not allowed to know about just yet... so stay tuned!

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