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Life+Times has just published an interview with Wanuri Kahiu, Creator and Director of the film "Pumzi" - A science fiction film set thirty-five years after World War III, the "Water War,” about a woman from East Africa (Nairobi) who flees an enclosed community in hopes of once again restoring life outside its walls.

"Pumzi" is great example of foreign films building their own unique brand of storytelling and fiction. In his interview Wanuri Kahiu talks about his work on the film as well as his thoughts and inspirations behind it.
"If we continue our current relationship with nature the only relationship we’ll have to it in the future is a virtual one, digital fossils of what nature was."
Check out Wanuri Kahiu's interview on Life+Times and view the trailer for "Pumzi" below -those unfamiliar with African films will be presently surprised by the quality and originality.

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