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After a somewhat slow and rocky start to his career, rapper Danny Swain (Danny!) has finally set his feet on solid ground. With two giant co-signs from Questlove and Jay-Z, Danny has finally been able to put his long-awaited album, Payback, on the shelves.

Payback is an album that is hard to define. The production is all over the place, which is to say that there's a lot of variety. Tracks will switch between quick hard-hitting beats to slower, more soulful ones. Luckily Danny's light flowing voice manages to hold all the tracks together.

On the album Danny raps about his on-going legal issues and his battles with making it in the music industry. Danny's personal experiences and thoughts litter the album and its his attitude and content that carry the album throughout its 17 tracks. Not content to deliver 'fast-food' hip-hop like he feels other artist do, Danny instead delivers a more cohesive and relate-able album - and one more than a few tracks Danny even goes as far to call out a few of his rival rappers.

Overall the album is great. While it may not be as star-studded as Cruel Summer or as thought-provoking and poetic as Food & Liquor II it certainly carves out its own spot in the top 5 of hip-hop albums to buy this year. Without a doubt this is Danny's finest album, and like him or not he's here to stay.

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