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After several excellent singles ("Mercy", "New God Flow", "Clique") and a slight delay Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music compliation album, Cruel Summer, finally drops.

Cruel Summer
Cruel Summer is the first official album for G.O.O.D Music and to put it mildly, may be the best album you will purchase this year - that is if  Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, and Danny! all fail to deliver with their highly anticipated albums a little later this year (We'll see). But in comparison to many notable releases that came ahead of it (God Forgives, I don't, Life is Good, Strange Clouds) Cruel Summer hits on a much higher level; that is to say it is a much more interesting, coherent, and clever album. The album brings together many of hip-hop's hottest talent right now: Pusha T, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Common, Kid Cudi, John Legend, and CyHi da Prynce (All G.O.O.D Music talent). Jay-Z also makes an appearance on the single "Clique."

The album holds 12 tracks, 5 of which were previously released (Clique, Mercy, New God flow, I Don't Like, and Cold). Unfortunately the five tracks that got earlier releases all seem to be the albums best songs; with "Clique" and "Mercy" being the ones you'll find yourself playing most often. In this way the full album is left with little surprises, but that's not to say the other songs aren't any good. In fact, "The Morning," "Sin City," and "The One" are all great tracks in their own ways, just not as memorable.

In all, Cruel Summer is a solid package (you did see that album art right?). The Kanye West produced piece may not have as much flare as Watch the Throne or be as real as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but it certainly delivers as a compilation album showcasing the G.O.O.D Music roster. Cruel Summer closes out summer with a bang and sets the bar for all hip-hop albums to follow.

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