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Fresh off the release of the Maybach Music group compilation CD, Self Made 2, Rick Ross is back with his own album, God Forgives, I Don't. A bold title for the rapper's 5th studio album, but does it deliver?

In short, yes, but the album isn't without its flaws. Now-a-days it's common practice for a rapper to get behind a mic and proclaim his greatness, wealth, and influence. Ross does more of the same here on GFID, but what makes it work for him is the way he intelligently weaves braggadocio with his hustling background and criminal mindset.

The album title God Forgives, I Don't isn't all just for ego's sake. Over several tracks Ross questions how his hustler lifestyle will effect him come judgement time. These religious ties, that casually litter the album, are a much welcomed element to an otherwise ordinary album. We almost wish Rozay spent a little more time rhyming about God and his soul than he does luxury cars and watches.

Production for the album is excellent. Whether or not you believe the claims made in the rhymes is up to each listener, but it will be hard for anyone to not enjoy Ross' bassy voice flowing over each beat. There are a few weak spots here and there, especially in hooks, but overall the album is worth it. While not quite Teflon Don, the latest album from "The Boss" is a solid one.

Stream 3 Kings off of the album below. (Featuring Jay-Z and Dr. Dre)

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