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Is the art of engraving dead? If you asked Ted Harrington - the man behind Terrapin Stationers - he would boldly, and probably explicitly, imply that it is indeed not - not even close.

Ted Harrington
Mr. Harrington has been in the stationary business his whole life; from making dies as a child with his father to working on projects with the likes world renown designer Marc Jacobs. Ted and the whole team at  Terrapin Stationers carry on the long-forgotten tradition of 'fine-art stationary,' offering; engraved stationery, invitations, calling cards (raised printing), business cards, and note-cards – all stamped with a die on a Century-old Press.

Terrapin Stationers' printing equipment.
Our friends at Life+Times recently sat down to chat with the designer about his business, his Manhattan factory, and his love for The Grateful Dead. To read the full interview click here.

Business cards.
Engraved notecards with Camo-lined kraft envelopes.
Engraved notecards.
[Photos courtesy of Life+Times and Terrapin Stationers]

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