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It's time for something new. 

It should be fairly obvious; we here at TTL love movies. We talk, think, dream, and of course, write about movies on a weekly basis. We think it's only natural that we take the next steps with our admiration of fine films and film-making. That is why we are announcing our newest program (project? er, whatever): Through the Lens Theater.

TTL Theater is an exciting new venture for us. Through it we will provide the most engrossing and critical commentary on today's greatest films. In short we will offer reviews, thoughts, speculation, and news on all things movie related - filtered through our lens of course. TTL Theater will bring in notable writers from all over to discuss and review important films - we say important because there are numerous films that don't deserve our or your attention (See Jack and Jill or the Twilight Saga). We look forward to bringing you the best commentary on all things film. The theater opens next week with our first official review. Best part about TTL Theater? Admission is free.

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