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The Dark Knight Rises - Review

The Dark Knight Rises is the third and final movie in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It follows the incredibly successful and critically acclaimed The Dark Knight. The final part in this masterfully created take on Bruce Wayne/Batman starts in an airplane. It is here that we are introduced to Bane, played by Tom Hardy [Inception]. Every detail of Bane exudes dominance and rage; from his chilling voice to hulking physique.

Right from the start the audience is introduced to the cruelest and most calculated villain we’ve seen to date from Christopher Nolan. After Bane escapes from the CIA, with help from an incredible aerial ambush, we are taken to the Wayne Manor. It is here that the Mayor speaks of the Dent Act; an aggressive law that allowed the Gotham Police to free their city from the stranglehold of organized crime. Commissioner Gordon, played by the always wonderful Gary Oldman [Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy], then steps to the podium with the intent to tell the truth about Harvey Dent (see The Dark Knight for clarification.) He then, however, thinks better of the whole thing and the scene transitions to Anne Hathaway's [Love and Other Drugs] character - currently posing as a server.

It is here that we are introduced to the sultry Selina Kyle, or Catwoman, and we have our first appearance by Christian Bale [The Prestige] as Bruce Wayne/Batman. Bruce hobbles around on a cane, and walks in on Selina rummaging through his personal things. After a quick encounter Selina kicks the cane from underneath him and disappears through a window.

All of this occurs within the first twenty minutes of the film - setting an ominous tone and rapid pace. If this movie has any issues, and this is just being picky really, it is that the movie has too much plot. It’s a near three hour movie, and there are few, if any, slow points; leaving little time to recover between scenes. Simply put there are no superfluous scenes and it can be tough to keep up at points. This, however, isn’t really a complaint so much as an excuse to see the film a few more times.

No, this isn't The Dark Knight. There's no awe-inspiring performances here as there were in TDK (Heath Ledger as the Joker). Although the entire cast does an extraordinary job, there are no stand-out performances. Many will say that Tom Hardy gave us the film's most intriguing character, not easy considering the caliber of acting in the film. Add to the fact that he had to act behind a mask; using only eye movement and body language to convey the sinister Bane. None of this is an issue though. We didn't see the TDKR for Oscar-Winning performances. We came for the epic conclusion to the Batman saga; and Nolan delivers! Perhaps a comment on modern-day America, The Dark Knight Rises brilliantly wraps-up Christopher Nolan's tale of greed, hypocrisy, and true heroism in fantastic fashion. Easily the summer's biggest blockbuster with not just a few chances at nabbing some Academy Awards this year.

The Dark Knight Rises cements Nolan's Batman trilogy as the very best comic-film crossover ever made. Whether or not their will be a fourth film (Christopher Nolan has repeatedly stated he will not be returning to direct a 4th film) is still up in the air, but as far as we're concerned The Dark Knight Rises is a masterpiece.

Official Review by: Dustyn Attaway

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