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Lamborghini Angels

Lupe Fiasco is gearing up for his newest album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. You probably didn't need us to tell you that though, did you?

Last night Lupe dropped another single off of the album. Titled Lamborghini Angels, the song delves deeply into religious ideology and may come across as offensive to some listeners. In fact, before releasing the track Lupe took to Twitter with a warning: "Warning: if you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen to Lamborghini Angels. Contains very disturbing content."
I see diamond-flooded demons.

Lamborghini angels, Lamborghini angels, Lamborghini angels
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through.
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through.
The track is classic Lupe. Rather than the flashy, self-absorbed raps many artist seem to happily produce, Lupe instead sets the game on its head by comparing modern rappers and rap to demons or demonic possessions. Weaving brilliant metaphors throughout the entire track Lupe manages to drop one of his most significant songs in recent memory. While the whole song can be seen as controversial, it's the third and final verse that will leave many with a sour taste in their mouth. Find out what we mean below.

Food & Liquor II drops September 25th.

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