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Minus the Machine

10 Years has come a long way since their debut album Killing All That Holds You. Since then they've also released The Autumn EffectDivision, and Feeding the Wolves. The Autumn Effect saw the band's rise to fame. They then capitalized on their success by following up with the near-perfect Division. Feeding the Wolves is the only dark spot in the band's otherwise stellar history; an album that received poor fan and critical responses. Despite this, the crew is back with their latest album - Minus the Machine - and hoping to right any wrongs done on Feeding the Wolves.

Feeding the Wolves marked a change in the sound and style of the band that is otherwise hard rock with contrasting soothing melodies. FtW came off as commercial, rushed, and platonic on a lyrical basis - at least when compared to previous albums. Minus the Machine sees the band return to form.

The album results in something truly beautiful; with each track providing something unique not only for the album but for the entire genre. Where the album's lead single "Backlash" provides heavy vocals with a tearing guitar track, other songs like "Forever Fields" and "Birth -- Death" provide a softer tone with canorous violins and piano-based music.

When asked about recording Minus the Machine front-man Jesse Hasek commented:
"We wanted to create an album that has no boundaries. When you feel like you’re being told to go through motions and jump through hoops, it takes the heart out of it. It’s better to do what comes naturally and then figure out the after-effect.”
The album title Minus the Machine refers to the band's escape from major record label Universal Music (The new album comes via the band's own Palehorse Records, with distribution coming from Warner). MtM is another excellent album from the Tennessee quartet. From the harsh vocals on "Backlash" to the melodic inviting violins on "Birth -- Death" it's clear the guys have regained focus and composure and are back at crafting some of the best alternative rock around.

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