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Banksy's Best

Love him or hate him, street-artist "Banksy" is what many consider to be the modern-day Andy Warhol. With works seen in countries all over the world, whether or street corners, billboards, or art museums his influence and notoriety has certainly reached critical mass.

We love Banksy here, as we do with most artists. His pieces take the norm and turn it (in most cases) completely on its head. Soldiers being frisked by children, cops doing drugs, and real-life painted elephants are just a few of his controversial subjects. Over the years Banksy' worked has garned more attention than any other artist in the world, so determining which of his work is his "best" is quite the task. Below is a small selection of the street-artist's work that, in our opinion, is the most thought-provoking, intelligent, controversial, or otherwise compelling.

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