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Battle Scars

With another single before his new album drops Lupe Fiasco hits us with "Battle Scars" along with an accompanying music video. Is it a worthy set-up for the album which lands September 25th?

Out of all the tracks released thus far "Battle Scars" comes in with a completely different tone and feel - and in this case its not necessarily for the better. As opposed "Bitch Bad" and "Lamborghini Angels" the track feels much softer and family friendly. What's obviously intended for radio success, "Battle Scars" tackles the issue of moving on from love lost. Guy Sebastian lends his pipe to the hook with excellent effect. While the song isn't bad, admittedly catchy, it doesn't measure up to his more recent releases, namely "Lamborghini Angels" - this just isn't as potent. Check out the video premeire below, Food and Liquor II drops September 25th.


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