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World War 3

It's always big news when the ever-elusive Jay Electronica blesses us with a new song, but today Jay dropped a bomb. 

This is blasphemy, James, this is blasphemy / I gave that lil' cockroach life, and he blasted me / N-ggas made all those memes, and they laughed at me / It's World War 3, mothaf-cka, the catastrophe / Watch the throne, my nigga, watch the throne.

After making waves last week over candid comments - comments many took as a diss towards Kendrick Lamar - Jay made during a Periscope session, he’s now released a new track that addresses that exact “reckless” talk from the other day.

Jay is somewhat of a lyrical legend in hip-hop despite not having very large body of work. And of course, Kendrick is currently riding off the success of To Pimp a Butterfly; racking up a near-record breaking number of grammy nominations this year (11). By dropping The Curse of Mayweather Jay may have just ignited the fuse to what will become hip-hop's most epic beef. So grab some popcorn and get ready for the fireworks. Things just got very real!

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