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"Backseat Freestyles" is one of the most explosive tracks off of Kendrick Lamar's debut album, Good Kid, m.A.A.d City. That's why when we heard an official music video for the song had dropped, we had to scoop it up. Sure enough the video, which was directed by Kendrick himself, is below. The black and white piece starts off with Kendrick in Paris, standing next to a podium covered with the American flag. Before he delivers the songs vicious lines the film takes us back to Compton, the MC's hometown.

The video isn't as nearly as explicit as the song, but it certainly has its moments. It goes without saying this video is best viewed anywhere but the workplace. Overall it's a gem. The starkness of the black and white works well with Kendrick's harsh delivery. The video also delves a little into the album's side story; it seems Kendrick's Dad is still looking for his dominoes.

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