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The End of Love

Sometimes independent films get a bad rep just for being independent. That's not entirely fair. Just because a film lacks the major financial backing big Hollywood blockbusters have, doesn't mean the film is of a lesser quality or lacking in substance. The following film is evidence of this. 

The End of Love is from director/writer Mark Webber, who also plays a starring role in the picture. The film tells the story of a young father and the drama of raising his infant after the death of the boy's mother. What's unique about this film is its rawness. At times it looks and feels like a documentary or a reality television show (only if reality television shows were based on reality and watchable). What we mean is the film is very real - startling so. Shannyn Sossamon co-stars in the film and delivers what will be held as one of the best performances of the year. It's a tear-jerking drama, one that you will certainly not want to overlook.

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