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The wait for Pusha-T's latest mixtape is finally over. After two long months of anticipation Wrath of Caine has arrived. Time to find out if the Virginia native MC can deliver his wrath.

Simply, the answer is yes. Wrath of Caine is powerful; in regards to production, style, and lyrical delivery. Pusha-T said he designed WoC to be "street music" for the "real fans." And that's exactly what it is. It's a drug-dealer's memoir. One of the most powerful tracks off the mixtape is "Only You Can Tell It." On it Pusha describes what drug-dealing can do to you, both the good and bad sides of dealing. What's more compelling are the words he literally speaks, words that capture the theme and concept of the tape:
"You might not relate. That's only for few and far in between. You might want to frame this picture. So I gotta tell you why." - Only You Can Tell It, Pusha - T
The MC wants you to understand him. Only he can tell his story. Wrath of Caine is Pusha-T describing the struggles, emotions, and even rewards that come from dope-dealing. Through his vivid lyricism Pusha paints scenes that harshly contrast his religious ideologies. It's this contrast that creates the conflict; all brought about by cocaine (in case you didn't realize what the title of the mixtape was referring to). Wrath of Caine is harsh, emotional, and brilliant. Just as expected.

Best Tracks
Only You Can Tell It
Take My Life
I Am Forgiven

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