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The Re-Invention of Time

Two years ago the world was introduced to Devon Watches. When first announced, the watches from Devon Works were largely overlooked. As they were battery powered and in the eyes of timepiece purists this was unacceptable.  When their first watch released - the Tread 1 (seen above) - however, everything changed. The Tread 1 was a novelty. Unique in every way and an absolute pleasure to look at. The watch ended up garnering much attention and a few of the most prestigious awards in watchmaking.

The way the Tread 1 works is as follows. The  watch uses a patented system of "TimeBelts" woven between one another (there are four in the Tread 1) to display the time. They are powered by four very tiny micro step motors, which receive power from a single lithium polymer rechargeable battery cell (Each charge lasts about two weeks). This new movement from Devon Works is totally new and unlike all modern watch movements. It's accurate and tough. According to the watchmaker the face of the watch is crystal produced with a scratch-resistant and anti-reflective polycarbonate "with bullet-proof durability."

Now Devon Works is gearing up for the release of their second watch, the Tread 2. The piece uses only 2 belts as opposed to the Tread 1's four. The Tread 2 is also smaller and quieter; designed to be more comfortable when worn often. The Tread 2 does not have a second's belt, however, there is a function to turn the minute belt into a seconds indicator if you want to measure seconds. The Tread 2 builds upon the success of it's bigger brother and aims to continue the revolutionary path that it paved.

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