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Ask any watch enthusiast where the best watches in the world come from and they'll most likely answer (if they're sane): "The Swiss." For centuries the Swiss have created the finest watches to ever grace a wrist. The term "Swiss Made" is synonymous with technical excellence. 

In fact, for us Americans it can be very hard to find Swiss level quality American-made watches. Enter Fossil. The leading American watchmaker. For years they've been behind the creation of some excellent timepieces, but always falling just short of that bar set by the Swiss. Fossil aims to change that with their newest line of watches, tentatively called "Fossil Swiss." Check out the video below.

With the introduction of this new line Fossil unites the creative and innovative designs they're known for with centuries-old Swiss watchmaking tradition. The collection is divided into three movements; Automatic, Chronograph, and a Day + Date movement. All three movements share similar features, such as their domed sapphire crystals on the face and rear. The hands are also curved to mirror the precision of the glass and allows for distortion free viewing of the watch face.

Each movement looks brilliant, but we've yet to lay our hands on these bad boys, so it's yet to be determined  if Fossil Swiss will be the game-changer Fossil wants it to be. Our hopes are high, as we're proud supporters of the brand. We'll let you know more as soon as we do. Until then here are some photos to stare at.

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