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We all know who Stephanie Meyer is right? The author of those vampire books that spawned what will only be remembered as one of the worst film franchises in box office history (critically speaking of course). 
Whether you know the name or not, the next time you hear it will probably be in regards to her newest series being turned into a major Hollywood blockbuster, the first part of which is called "The Host."

Fortunately this series revolves around something much more interesting than vampires; it's aliens. The Host is a sci-fi thriller set in the distant future where an alien species has conquered nearly all of Earth by injecting a "parasitic alien soul" into humans to take control of their minds. The film's plot revolves around the battle to save the planet and the lives of the last remaining humans.

We hope this new series of films pan out much more than Meyer's last. So far things look positive. The lead of the film, Saoirse Ronan, is a much more capable actress than Kristen Stewart, so if anything the film has that going for it. Also the trailer does look pretty slick, but then again it's kind of hard to not enjoy the special effects and shiny, shiny cars.

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