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This year Aston Martin celebrates their 100th anniversary. As part of the celebration they're releasing the new Rapide S. Pictured above, the car features an all new front-end design. Straying from the old grille design, the Rapide S has a much larger grille, which joins the upper and lower portions where the old Rapide left them split. According to Aston Martin it works in conjunction with a revised hood and front bumper to improve pedestrian protection, which is in line with Europe's latest pedestrian-impact regulations.

That's not all that's new with the Rapide S. Under the hood is a new V12 6.0L engine. Combine that with a lighter frame, lower sitting engine for greater weight distribution the Rapide S becomes the faster four-door car in the world. This bad boy will do 0 to 60 in 4.7 seconds and race all the way up to a heart stopping 190 mph - you know, just in case you have to get the kids to school in a hurry.

Perhaps the best feature of the Rapide S is its interior design options. Inside is an all new piano black interior pack, with darker instruments and finer headlining. Improvements have been made to the noise, vibration and harshness levels as well. The interior is really something to behold; catering to the inner James Bond in all of us. Check it out below, but try not to drool too much.

No price has been given for the Rapide S, but the manufacturer is expected to make an official announcement later this month. We expect this beauty to run in the neighborhood of $300,000 or so, a small price to pay for such a marvelous car.

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