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Last night Academy Award winning director James Cameron made history by being the first person to attempt a solo trip to the deepest part of the ocean:  the Mariana Trench. Nearly 7 miles below the surface of the sea Cameron tweeted his arrival...

Cameron's mission (sponsored in part by National Geographic and Rolex) was a dangerous one. The 6.8-mile deep trench doesn't allow a ray of sunlight from above, and is just a few degrees above freezing temperature. Easily the most dangerous part; the eight tons of pressure per square inch applied on the filmmaker's deep-sea vessel.

The goal of the mission was simple: gather new scientific data and capture an unparalleled look at the ocean's floor. Armed with plenty of oxygen and personal resources for a six-hour exploratory mission, the submarine is also equipped with so many lights and 3-D cameras that it’s been described as an underwater TV studio. In the proven-capable hands of Mr. Cameron we expect some great footage to result from his journey --- as well as some great inspiration for the Avatar sequel he has planned, which just happens to be about the underwater worlds of Pandora.

We'll be sure to bring you all the incredible things that result from James Cameron's expedition. Stay tuned.

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