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We've shown you weird things before - for example we brought you the 5 weirdest films of all time. Today we bring you another type of strange. This time in the form of museums or certain things found within them.

First we have an alien autopsy exhibit at the Roswell Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. While the fact that this exists isn't so surprising it doesn't at all change the fact that it is very strange.

The Pizza Brain in Philadelphia - strange and delicious all at the same time. This quirky museum features all art of the pizza variety.

Here's something a little less mouth-watering: toilet seat art. Barney Smith is the owner of this odd museum out of San Antonio, Texas.

In Kansas there is a museum that is all about barbed wire - yes, seriously. The museum features various pieces ranging from full installations to small barbed wire sculptures. Some of the pieces are actually really cool.

If you ever find yourself in Pasadena, California you might think about heading over to the locally famous Bunny Museum - not to be confused with that other bunny museum in LA.

Finally we give you a piece from the Washington Banana Museum (yeah, that's real too) that is both strange and incredibly cool - The Banana Cello.

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