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Venus vs. Mars

A few months back a short video that raised questions about society's standards on beauty went viral. The video - Fotoshop by Adobé - is just one project in a long line of others that question our societal views of beauty, particularly our views on women's beauty.

Now, Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano has taken classic paintings of Venus from art history and digitally altered them to reflect the kind of look prefered by the media today. Giordano's alterations include making waists tinier, thighs skinnier, and breasts bigger. The work results in an interesting form of social commentary, ultimately begging the question of what exactly true beauty is, and who is allowed to make such a determination. Take a look at Anna's recreations below, along with their original counterparts --- Which do you consider more "beautiful?"

New Work (Top), Original (Bottom)
New Work (Top), Original (Bottom) 
New Work (Top), Original (Bottom) 
New Work (Left), Original (Right)

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