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When crafting their timepieces Ladoire Genève has one goal in mind: defy any and all conventions. Since their launch in 2007 the Geneva based watch-maker has created some of the most unique and technically sophisticated watches around.

Born out of a desire to be different, the Swiss watch manufacturer has indeed become just that. With timepieces that boast asymmetrical cases, intricate architecture, and inventive ways of displaying time; these watches are anything but the norm.

This avant-garde attitude is all due to the company's founder Lionel Ladoire - an accomplished jeweler, drummer, and professional snowboarder. In stark contrast to classical watchmaking, Lionel is a conceptual watchmaker who loves nothing more than overstepping the mark and being part of the new wave of young watchmakers of the 21st century.

Timepieces by Ladoire Genève suggest a new relationship with time, reflecting a revolutionary approach to fine watchmaking. To experience a little of what  Ladoire Genève is watch the video below.

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