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Art is such a wonderful thing. It inspires, demands thought, evokes emotion, and best of all is unique to each viewer. Up until now articles on Through the Lens have been created and published by a small circle of art enthusiast and writers; Today that changes. For the first time ever we're going to allow you, the viewer, to have a chance to write for Through the Lens. We understand that art is subjective, we want Through the Lens to mirror this notion. 

To find out how you can write for TTL read the guidelines below.

Official Guidelines

What to write about:
Art and Technology of course (luxury items, and fashion are acceptable too). This can be anything from photography to painting, music to film, and anything in between. We want to share the best of what the world has to offer. You may share anything you find unique or inspiring, or content you've created yourself. Tips and How To Guides are acceptable as well. In most cases articles must contain anywhere from 250+ words.

Your article must be unique; do not post something you've found on another site -- doing so will forfeit your ability to write for TTL. Proper grammar and a strong sense of what you are writing about are a must. Your article must be accompanied with images, videos, or your original writings (in the case you are sharing your original creative writing). Images can be as large are you want, but its recommended that original works be no larger than 1000px on their longest side accompanied with a watermark. Videos should be attached as links and not embedded codes -- Youtube and Vimeo are the preferred video sites. Any content contained within your article that is not your own must contain the creators name or your original source. Do not claim others work as your own, doing so will have you banned from the site.

How to send us your article:
You can send your article to as a Microsoft Word document. Be sure to attach images and videos related to your article to the email or word document. If your article is based on a similar article or topic you must include your source material. 

All articles sent to and published by Through the Lens become the property of Through the Lens (Also reffered to as TTL and If you wish, you may be credited as the author of your article. Through the Lens is allowed to modify your article as deemed necessary.

Got all that? Create your article and send it our way!
Use the contact form on the site or email us

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