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Music rarely gets any airtime here on TTL.  Which really isn't cool because a great song can be an incredible source of creativity or inspiration. So in an effort to better promote music we've compiled a list of recently released songs that inspire, are unique, or are just plain enjoyable.

Gotye - "Somebody That I Used to Know"
While the music video is slightly creepy, the sound is beautiful. The vocals coupled with the incredible chorus make this an outstanding piece. If you find the video a little too strange then just close your eyes and absorb this masterpiece.

For another take on this check out DICE RAW's cover "Game of Thrones"

M.I.A. - "Bad Girls"
While it may not be as emotional or melodic as Gotye's track, M.I.A's single "Bad Girls" is powerhouse of bass and synths. With this track  M.I.A. reminds us of what she does so well. And the accompanying video is loads of fun.

Lana Del Rey - "Born to Die"
For most people it seems its a love or hate relationship with this final artist. We'll let you decide how you feel about her with this recently released track "Born to Die". Filled with emotion and lyrics that will strike at the heart you can rest assured Lana Del Rey has cemented herself as an icon in the industry.

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