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What happens when Bugatti combines the beast known as the Veyron Super Sport and the sleek convertible Veyron Grand Sport? The Veyron Super Sport Vitesse is born.

The Vitesse (French for speed) takes the best parts of the SS and Grand Sport, showcasing flawless looks with immense power. Bugatti has not yet revealed the Vitesse’s top speed, but it will probably be higher than the current Grand Sport, which is limited to 217 mph, making it the world’s fastest production convertible. With an extra 200 HP, there is no reason why the Vitesse shouldn't raise the bar. No price has been given for the model either, but you can expect the numbers to hang somewhere around the 2 to 3 million mark.

Take a peak at the new convertible below, just try not to drool over your keyboard.

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