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Every once in a while an artist comes along and completely stops you in your tracks. The way they think, work, and portray life is so captivating and refreshing that you can't help but stop and take notice: today's artist does that and maybe a little more. Sorina Williams is the first artist to grace Through the Lens that isn't a photographer. She is, instead, an artist of unbelievable talent. Her work focuses mostly on drawing, but dabbles a bit into mixed media and painting. I'm extremely proud to bring you her interview.
James Elliott - As an artist, how did your story begin? 

Sorina Williams - I have always loved drawing and painting and I can’t remember a time when I was not doing it, but for quite a long time it was the thing that I did quite secretly after school and later mentioned as a hobby. It never crossed my mind that I could do it for work. Imagine that, having fun while you work! A few years ago I realized that this is such a precious element in my life and too significant to only keep as a hobby. 

"I Hope My Boat Will Come In"
JE - Where’s home?

SW - Home is the place with a lot of graphite dust and oil paint fumes (they smell just right!), my work space. My children and laptop need to be around too.

JE - Can you tell us a little more about your work?

SW - I tend to put my emotions, feelings and dreams into my images and I also share many secrets with my drawings. I like stories and I bend reality a little, sometimes a lot, and use symbolism, abstraction, surrealism, limited palettes and so on to illustrate the mood and the message I want to put across. No matter what medium I choose and what stage in my life at any given time, that aspect seems to remain constant.

JE - Who are some of your favorite artists?

SW - I enjoy and I am fascinated by the work of too many artists to mention just a few. They all touch me in different ways, but I will mention my eternal fascination with Leonardo Da Vinci’s brilliance and limitless curiosity.
"I Hope It's Perennial"
JE - Any 2012 resolutions?

SW - None, just keep busy and keep going! Hoping for more time to read, study, experiment and improve my skills.

JE - Random question time; Favorite musician?

SW - Oh, no! This list could get extremely long! Today I have been listening to Bertie Blackman, Nadeah Miranda and Guy Sebastian…

JE - How has your work developed or evolved over time?

SW - How I approach to my work has changed dramatically, especially in the last couple of years. Studying and transitioning to design and commercial arts is now becoming obvious in my sketches, illustrations, the fact that I am using a lot of mixed media.

JE - Three words to describe your style.

SW - Illustrative, Realistic with Twists. 

"Strands of Strength"
JE - What inspires you the most?

SW - I am inspired by people, their stories, poetry, literature, music, nature, bugs, shadows on the ground … the works of Renaissance masters…

JE - Any dream projects?

SW - I love it when art is easily accessible for the public. That’s probably the part that got me excited about the Sketchbook Project 2012 and now plan on participating in the next one. I also love graffiti, so something along those lines would be amazing. 

"I Hope Time Is On My Side"
JE - When you’re not working on new art what are you doing?

SW - Working on various other things, looking after my children, eating well, exercising … and thinking about working on new art all at the same time.

JE - Do you have a personal favorite work?

SW - Another Ink and Ivory Scarf has a lot of personal meaning and I have not been able to part with it so far. Quite a few people have offered to buy it, but I haven’t been able to let it go. 

"Another Ink and Ivory Scarf"
JE - Final question, where do you hope to be in 5 years?

SW - I hope my work will continue to grow in every way possible, I hope to travel a lot, and hopefully, a lot of interesting work and projects will come my way.

To view more of Sorina's incredible work visit her site. Also show your support by giving her Facebook a 'like'

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