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White Night

The task of creating beautiful and inspiring cinematography can be a daunting one. Unlike still photography, where only a single instance of a movement is composed and captured, cinematography requires the artist to capture the entire movement within a perfect composition.

Edited Still from "Nuit Blanche"

The short film below, titled "Nuit Blanche," is a stunning example of a master cinematographer at work. Arev Manoukian, who also directs the piece, displays an astonishing level of skill and vision with his work. "Nuit Blanche" is a homage to the infancy of filmaking. Done in black and white and lacking dialogue, the film still manages to capture all the emotion and intrigue of modern films. 'Nuit Blanche'(french) is most commonly translated  to 'White Night' but another common translation is 'Sleepless Night'. The real meaning is up to the viewer to decide. View "Nuit Blanche" as well as 'the making of' below.

This short film was so well received that Tech Giant Sony would recreate it in use of an advertising campaign for their 3D products. You can view that version here.

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