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The Pierces are the music industry's not so well kept secret. Yet they seem to fly slightly below most radars.

Best known for the single "Secret" (second video), which is the theme song for the hit television series 'Pretty Little Lairs,' fame has somehow eluded The Pierces. Which is a shame considering how beautiful their music really is. More like melodic short stories than mere songs, the duo truly has crafted a style all their own. With their latest album "You & I" gaining steam, one can only hope these sisters gain the recognition they deserve.

The above track is off of the aforementioned album and marks a new direction for the Alabama sisters. Replacing their sense of mischief (referring to tracks like "Boring"), The Pierces have grown more serious with their work. While die-hard fans may question this new direction, most agree their tunes are still as captivating and satisfying as ever.

For more of The Pierces visit their Official Website
(Happy Birthday Mooney [Occasional TTL Editor])

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