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DECODE: Growth

Growth marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life and work. It also bookends the dialogue I was having with myself through the photographs Fighting the Fall and  Reach Higher.

Growth is an abstract photograph; void of any real subject, instead focusing on color, movement, and a little implied shape. When I created this photograph I wanted to create something that spoke on two levels. Those being the obvious level that any viewer could understand, and another less interpret-able one.

One the first level Growth comes across as a simple photograph - at least as simple as an abstract photograph can be. You see the movement, shape, and color of the rain. A perceptive viewer will also notice the shape of the tree in the background. If you combine the elements of the rain and tree then the title "Growth" comes across as physical growth; growth in the sense that a tree grows with a little help from sunshine and rain. Which is exactly what is taking place here.

On the second level I wanted to address the conversation I was having with myself through the previously mentioned pictures. Reach Higher attempted to motivate me to do more with my work. Growth is that motivation realized. I took it months after RH and at the time was at a much more positive place - in every category. For myself, Growth refers to my own personal growth. 

When I made this photograph I wanted there to be some element that my growth could be seen in. That can be found in the abstract style. Of course I've done abstract photos before, but this one was much different. With Growth I wanted to go against every thing or "rule" you're told makes a good photograph. I wanted to use my own techniques and style to make a truly unique photograph. Subjects in pictures are suppose to be sharp, you're suppose to follow the rule of thirds, yet this photograph does neither of those things and still manages to work. Through this abstract style I am able to communicate my growth. In the end Growth concludes the internal conversation I was having through my images by stating that I had overcome whatever obstacles I faced - that I had indeed grown. It's a double entendre, representing physical and metaphysical growth.

Check back next week for the tenth and final piece of this series. If you've been keeping up you'll know that the final photograph to be decoded is The Empire Part I; a photograph that marks the beginning of something incredible, something terrifying, and something all-together unclear. Find out what I mean next week! 

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