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No Mercy

No... Just no.

Earlier this week Kanye West announced that an official music video was coming for the first single from his newly launch label G.O.O.D Music. The single is actually great, so naturally you think the video would be well worth your time -- especially after last week's 'No Church in the Wild,' which also features Mr. West. 

Unfortunately the video for 'Mercy' doesn't quite deliver. Where 'No Church in the Wild' featured breath-taking visuals that perfectly complemented the tone and themes of the song, 'Mercy' comes across as an uninspired throw-away film. What's most annoying about the film is the strange dimensions. Instead of your standard 16:9 the video features a smaller frame that only serves to annoy by obscuring your vision -- oh, and there are some synchronization issues with the footage and music. The only saving grace about the video is that the song is great, but you can always just listen to the track instead of suffering through the video. But if you fancy yourself a masochist have a look at the video below.

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