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After ten years of non-stop innovation in the world of extremely sophisticated tourbillon design, watch-maker Jaeger-LeCoultre has asked themselves "What is there still left to invent?" Their answer to that question is, triumphantly, The Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon.

The Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon sets a new paradigm in high-complication pieces. Most tourbillons today are strictly for aesthetics. This is not the case with the Sphérotourbillon. Before the Sphérotourbillon traditional tourbillons didn't account for the many positions a watch can adopt while being worn. By adding an additional rotation axis this new piece by JLC is able to compensate for the effects of gravity in any position. Ultimately, this makes the Sphérotourbillon the most accurate tourbillon ever. It's obvious the new calibre (382) centers around mechanical excellence rather than design, but that doesn't mean this piece isn't a marvel to look at...

Jaeger-LeCoultre calibre 382
The Sphérotourbillon combines technical perfection with elegant design. The striking gold on white face remains modest, yet begs for your attention. Seeing the newly designed tourbillon constantly rotating is certainly a marvel.  Kudos to the Jaeger-LeCoultre team for this near-flawless design. By combining technical expertise with an elegant design you're left with a high-complication piece with no useless or gaudy facets in a comfortable completely wearable size.

Arguably the most compelling part about this piece is the ability to reset the watch without stopping the mechanism (an industry first) via a "fly-back" seconds button at 2 o'clock. Pressing this resets the seconds counter to zero without stopping the watch, this is only possible due to the dual-wing concept employed by the Sphérotourbillon.

Jaeger-LeCoultre will produce the Duomètre à Sphérotourbillon in a limited edition of 75 pieces in platinum and in a non-limited edition in pink gold, which will sell around $260,000. For a further look at this incredible timepiece click here.

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