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Biking in jeans is incredibly uncomfortable, the world has reached a general consensus on the matter. It's become such an issue that clothing icon Levi's has created a pair of jeans to resolve the problem.

Introducing the Levi's Commuter Series Jeans

Ok, so biking in jeans may not be that big of a deal to the entire world, but to some it is. Whatever your feelings are on the matter, the fact that Levi's has made these jeans is indeed awesome - even if you're not a biker. The added comfort, durability, and even reflective stripes make these jeans desirable. 

Still, the idea behind the Commuter Series is a line of jeans designed specifically with cyclist in mind. At a glance, the jeans appear no different from any other pair of jeans Levi's offers - which was the point according to lead designer JeWon Yu:
"We didn’t want to introduce a collection that screamed “Look at me, I ride my bike!” Basically, we saw that these urban cyclists were wearing our jeans and clothes anyway so why not offer them a little something extra?"

For a full interview with designer JeWon Yu about the creation of the commuter series visit our friends at Life+Times

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