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When art and tech collide beautiful things happen. Take the below case for example. Called the "Berlin Boombox" - the device is a portable stereo speaker made of cardboard with a built-in stereo amplifier. 

Well just what's so cool about it? Everything mostly.

A bold, unique, design is the first thing that stands out about the product. The second - and most delightful - is the fact that it's made of cardboard (at least everything except the speakers and electronics). In a world full of shiny plastics and gorilla-glass coated aluminum the cardboard architecture is a welcome change.

The stereo-system can be used to play any MP3 device, but is designed to work best with Apple's iPods as the developers plan to create a iOS app to make the most out of the system. Unlike many other cardboard boomboxes or stereos on the market this one features an integrated amplifier that provides stereo sound. 

The product comes as a put-it-together-yourself kit - which adds to the charm of the device. The Berlin Boombox comes consisting of a die-cut cardboard structure, all electronic parts, and four AA batteries. Assembly is said to be easy, tools-free and to take only a couple of minutes - "No geek knowledge necessary."

The Berlin Boombox shows a lot of promise. Right now the developers are hosting a Kickstarter Project to help raise funds to put the stereo-system into its first production run. The developers are hoping to raise $14,000 dollars and it seems as if they will be successful. With 7 days to go on on their Kickstarter they're only $450 away. If you like to learn more about The Berlin Boom-Box, pick one up, or just help fund the project use the link below.

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