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The Persistence of Memory

Enrique Sabater was Salvador Dali's secretary, accountant, driver, advisor, confidant, and, perhaps most importantly, best friend.

Sabater (left) Dali (right)
Sabater's duties included things from dealings of the artist's payments, managing Dali's studio, to running out on various errands. When Dali was at the height of his career he gave Sabater a rare, ecletic, collection of sketches, photographs, engravings, and watercolors. Sabater has now curated a personal show, on view through May 10, of various items from his collection of gifts from Dali at Paris' Escape Dali exhibit.
"Some of the best years of my life." - Sabater, when questioned on his time with Dali.
Below are just a few examples from the collection. The works may be a tad outside the realm of Dali's usual body of work, yet the collection still comes across intriguing if only for Sabater's affection for Dali - an exhibition showing a real nostalgia for a lost friend.

This piece features a drawing of a philosopher eating a shoe.
Dalí in his studio in front of the first stages of "Hallucinogenic Toreador," 1968 
A Dalí inscribed lithograph, "Helen of Troy," to Sabater. 

A Christmas card from Dalí to Sabater. The card comes from the line of holiday cards that Dalí designed
for the Spanish pharmaceutical company Hoechst Iberia.

Dalí did this ink and watercolor piece on the title page of
 "The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí."
Salvador Dalí and Enrique Sabater pictured in Paris in 1979,
when Dalí was inducted into France's Fine Arts Academy.
Dali and his wife Gala, 1980

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