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2 Million Dollar Baby

The camera above is now officially known as the world's most expensive camera. This 1923 Leica O-Type series was a prototype, 1 of only 12 kept perserved (there were 25 models made in total), and recently fetched 2.8 Million dollars at auction. What's even more impressive is that the asking price started around 300,000 euros. Oh to be a fly on the wall during the bidding... Oh wait, you can!

The camera was built to test the market for 35mm cameras prior to full production of the Leica A-Series in 1925. In 2007, when this series was first auctioned, it only raked in a feeble (we use that term lightly) $336,000.

Leica's older models are highly collectible, and even more so sought after; take for example this gold M3 series that sold for almost half a million dollars.

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