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Big Bang

This isn't new news, but it is still something worth looking over - if not, to drool over. Hublot, a Swiss watch-maker known for its bold style and revolutionary technical designs, has created the world's most expensive watch. Coming in at a staggering 5 Million Dollars.

Inlaid with more than 1,200 diamonds, including six stones of more than 3 carats each. The diamond cutters started with a design and then found diamonds that best matched the complex construction of the case, dial, and bracelet. Cutters and setters then employed all of their expertise to resize them to ensure a perfect fit. It required a total of 17 people and 14 months to complete the watch.

If you've yet to see this work of art then check out the photos below. The piece really is something to behold. You may start drooling now...

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