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When it comes to getting yourself dressed, admit it, the last thing you think of is functionality. Unless of course you're an avid biker, marathon runner, or something of that nature. Most of the time you dress according to what looks best or maybe it's cold out so you put on a jacket, but of course you still reach for that more fashionable jacket right? Even if it is a few pounds heavier than necessary.

There is one company, however, that believes functionality is just as important as style. This company is ACRONYM®. From their offices in Germany, Acronym's designers are at the forefront of high-tech clothing. Yes, high-tech clothing. By merging form, functionality, and style the designers have, for the last 18 years, created some (if not all) of the smartest types of clothing in the world. Acronym has been instrumental in the emergence of a new generation of technically advanced apparel and products. Below are several pieces from Acronym's vast selection. Accompanied with their company-applied descriptions. You'll have to look carefully as the clothing isn't limited to just what the eye can see. Also, be sure you don't skip on the video at the end; it's a treat.

ACRONYM DS-J5 (Above):
Civilized enough for a bank loan. Comfortable enough for the JFK long-haul. Stylish enough for your supermodel girlfriend. Tough enough for pretty much everything else. DS-J5 is a blazer that's had any and all blazer-type baggage surgically removed and replaced with the best that art and science can offer. Feels like a million Euros. Costs slightly less.

ACRONYM SS-CP2 (Men's above. Women's below):
Built from remarkably impervious Swiss made schoeller® WB-400™ softshell fabric,
SS-CP2 is a state of the art Acronym® INTEROPSæ cover. A vest/cape hybrid, its two tiered construction allows for 3rdArm access without the need for an additional zipper. It closes with a unique doubled-up center front zip; optimizing coverage and minimizing interference. The JacketSlingæ can be worn either inside, or partially outside the garment. This gives you the option of having the interior or exterior face visible when the garment is slung (wet side / dry side). A removable storm hood and generous pockets round out the package.

Of course when the descriptions of your clothing are as mind-boggling as the designs you know you're onto something incredible. Whether you're a regular savvy-dresser just looking for something a bit unique, an assassin looking to find the perfect form-fitting jacket that holds all your knives and smoke bombs, or a man looking for the perfect jacket to show off his $118,000 watch, Acronym has got you covered, literally.

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