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The 458

There's something about fast cars that awakens a primal and daring spirit within a certain number of us. Perhaps it's the feeling of power in our hands or maybe it's the simple joy of going fast that compels us. Whatever it is, the Ferrari 458 Spider is the perfect analog to awaken that feeling within us all.

The 458 Spider is Ferrari's new dream machine. At first glance - from the side - the Spider looks more like a bullet. And then the top drops down, and it looks more like a missile. Yes indeed, the Ferrari 458 Spider is a convertible. A true first for Ferrari, and the industry; it's the first car ever to combine a mid-rear engine with a retractable folding hard top that delivers both comfort and that renowned Ferrari power. It is what one might call the perfect combination of automotive-technology and design, all pieced together by the masterful hands of Ferrari.

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