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Dubbed "The Experiment" by it's creators (the mad scientists over at Urwerk) this project has resulted in the most fascinating and complex timepiece the world has ever seen. The Experiment, codenamed Nitroglycerin, introduces a complicated new calibre into the profession of watchmaking. It's official name is Experiment ZR012 and it features what's called a Wankel engine to power the movement.

Time is told by triangles on the watch that are actually Reuleaux polygons; meaning they rotate eccentrically rather than centrally (giving the movement a spiral effect) and move in complex epitrochroid curves rather than circles like typical watch hands. Hours are indicated by the lower rotor along the front of the 'dial'. Minutes are indicated by the smaller upper rotor. A look at the back of the piece reveals the power reserve indicator. The case, which is made of zirconium and highly resistant to corrosion, visually resembles titanium. To put it in lesser words: the piece is a brilliant. A perfect combination of engineering and design. The watch has a look from the future; a look that perfectly compliments the piece.

ZR012 is set to become a very rare watch; only 12 are being made. Of course this means they won't come cheap; these are expected to retail around $118,000.  If you ever find yourself near this piece, give thanks. As this is probably the most complex watch you'll ever see.

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