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Future Sleep

Sleep is awesome. We can all agree on that, right? So what happens when everyday sleeping collides with some future tech. Somehow, sleep becomes even more awesome. Meet Calmpsace.

Furniture manufacturer Hayworth worked with the designer Marie-Virginie Berbet to create what they call "a sleeping revolution." Called Calmspace (or (Calm)space to be more accurate), this brilliant piece of furniture is a regenerating power nap capsule. The user simply chooses a duration of time for their nap and the pod then uses a preset sound and light cycle to gently send him/her off to sleep and wake them up at the appointed time. The light and sound technology was provided by a company called Zyken, and are said to be scientifically catered to benefit a sleeping body.

These pods were designed to be used in office buildings to quickly recharge a tired employee, but we don't think these would be a terrible idea for the home either.

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